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Mid-Minnesota is not your grandma’s bank.

While we certainly hold and honor old-fashioned values including honesty and integrity, we continue to evolve with the times and are more like that cool aunt you’ve always loved. 

What sets Mid-Minnesota apart from other financial institutions is that you, our member/owner, has a vested interest in our success. Any profits are returned to our membership in the form of higher dividend rates, lower interest rates on loans, additional technology, and growth in services. 

Your credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative. Member representatives, people just like you, are elected to and serve as volunteers on our Board of Directors. Additional members serve on our Supervisory Committee, Community Advisory Councils and our Teen Advisory Council. 

Credit union volunteers take on great responsibility in setting the direction of credit union policy on lending, operations, security, employment and much more. It’s a pretty big job, and they take it seriously.


MMFCU Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union consists of eight individuals from varying communities throughout central Minnesota.

Rhonda Smith, Chairman

Jeff Wig, First Vice Chair

Mark Korwin-Kuczynski, Second Vice Chair

Theresa Goble, Secretary

Jason Anakkala

Geoff Gorvin

Bunny Johnston

Al Kolling

Todd Froemming

MMFCU Supervisory Committee

The primary function of your Supervisory Committee is to regularly audit all facets of the credit union, including financial management, administration, and operational practices. These volunteer members play an important role in our direction, ensuring the safety and security of your credit union funds.

Wayne (Bill) Bailey, Chairman

Cindy Nelson, Member

Geoff Gorvin, Member

Mike Woodard, Member

Community Advisory Council

Credit unions are community organizations, formed by and owned by our members. Keeping with this tradition, Mid-Minnesota has formed Community Advisory Councils. These council members will serve as ambassadors for MMFCU – sharing information about our services while gathering vital input.


Bill Franzen

Mike Porwoll

Tamera Lee

Glenda Kvitek

Randy Jansen


Ed Spilman

Karen Bolz

Mel Dahlberg

Pat Krueger

Rod Carlson


Calvin Lutzke

Barry Nelson

Roland Anderson

Sheldon W. Sanborn

Little Falls

Jan Erwin

Barb Hoheisel

Cathy Hartle

Aaron Olson

Pequot Lakes

Kathy Bittner Lee

Leroy Dudgeon

Julie Gowen

Deb Sommer

Larry Oaks

Cindy Hidde


Al Kolling

Dave Jessop

Vern Drake

Terri Duff

Tom Neznik

Teen Advisory Council

The Teen Advisory Council is made up of local students and adults serving as ambassadors for MMFCU – sharing information and gathering input about credit union services and financial management for a growing segment of our membership.

Benjamin Allen

Delaney Kennedy

Karen Riewer



To earn member loyalty by providing them resources to improve their financial well-being.

Core Values

Integrity - Team Work - Sense of Community - Personal Responsibility